A Biker's Dozen - 4 - Fat Bob

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List of a biker’s dozen

We all do it, think about the what if I had the dosh? What would the hanger look like?

So having been thinking about it for ages I thought I’d come up with my biker’s dozen, the top twelve bikes I’d be out looking for once when those six numbers came up.

We went round to hear he’d just sold his pride and joy. His highly tricked out firebreathing Kwacker. ‘Why?’ we asked.

The answer was simple.

‘There comes a time in a bloke’s life,’ he told us, ‘when he has to buy a Harley.’

I was struggling a bit with finding an image or a video to illustrate this one but then I realised why. It’s because the Harley I (or you) want probably doesn’t actually exist, in all its details, until I find it and build it to just the way I want, to match the dream, the ideal Harley I’ve been hankering for and constructing in my imagination ever since I was a kid.

That 50’s bobber look (again!). I can see the fat bob tanks, the soft tail suspension, that particular rake, the bars, the rear fender that’s just right. Whitewall tyres, gotta have those, and running boards...

And it’s nowhere. Nothing will ever be exactly right, until it’s built just the way I want it.

Meanwhile, sit back, crack open a beer and enjoy the video/ride.

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