A Biker's Dozen - 11 - Bob bob bobbing along

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We all do it, think about the what if I had the dosh? What would the hanger look like?

So having been thinking about it for ages I thought I’d come up with my biker’s dozen, the top twelve bikes I’d be out looking for once when those six numbers came up.


I have distinctly mixed emotions about this one.

On the one hand, I’ve always loved the brute purposefulness of the large boxer engines and the recent fashion for a highly stripped back bare knuckled effect has produced some truly sexy machines.

On the other hand, the only time I ever owned an RS 100 it was the most unreliable nightmare of a bike I ever had. I swear it came home on the back of an AA lorry more often that it did under it’s own stream, and finally dying somewhere in darkest North Yorkshire in the midst of a camping trip was the last straw.

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